Are Walk-In Tubs for the Elderly Worth It?

Walk-in tubs for the elderly are becoming increasingly more popular. When you're suffering from reduced mobility, actions as simple as taking a bath can feel overwhelming. At Artex Walk-in Tubs, we supply walk-in tubs to people throughout Genoa, Arkansas, and surrounding areas. If you're considering a walk-in tub but you're not sure whether investing in one is worth it, we're here to show you the benefits.

You're less likely to slip and fall

When your mobility is limited, traditional bathtubs soon become a hazard. In addition to having to lift yourself in and out, there's a risk that you will slip on a wet surface. If you're suffering from a condition such as osteoporosis, this also means you may break a bone. 

A walk-in tub solves this problem in several ways. We install tubs that feature a door you can open so that you can step into it. From there, you'll wait as the tub fills and wash as normal. Once you're finished, all you need to do is let it drain and then step back out again. 

Although the floor of your tub will still be wet, we've provided solutions that prevent this from becoming a problem. Our tubs have anti-slip floors, so you don't need to worry about falling. In a lot of cases, this means our tubs are safer than showers when it comes to slipping. 

You can relax in your tub

Few experiences are more relaxing than submerging yourself in warm water and letting your worries float away. If you're no longer able to take a bath, you're depriving yourself of one key way to relax. 

When you install one of our tubs, you're providing yourself with a way to relax. Warm water helps you relax, as your body uses a lot of energy to cool down once you get out. Because of this, you can use our tubs as an essential part of your bedtime routine. 

You'll achieve symptomatic relief

As we age, a lot of us develop age-related conditions. Some of the most common include various forms of arthritis, back pain, and chronic diseases. Although there are medications available for you to treat such conditions, they're only useful to a point. Sometimes it's better to take control of the matter yourself.

At Artex Walk-in Tubs, we believe that being able to submerge yourself in hot water can provide symptomatic relief. It achieves this in a couple of ways. When you spend time in water, you're relieving the amount of pressure your joints face as a result of gravity. This results in less pain and allows you to feel comfortable. Additionally, when you're in warm water, you're introducing another sensation to your body for your brain to focus on. This is known as gate theory, and it's a popular natural way to relieve pain.

Your home becomes accessible

Not everyone who comes to us wants a walk-in tub for themselves. We have many customers throughout Genoa who want to make their properties more accessible for their relatives. If you have a guest bedroom with an en-suite that your relatives regularly use, switching to a walk-in tub makes it easier for them to spend time with you.

When it comes to selling your home, you may find that having a guest suite with a walk-in tub makes it more appealing. A lot of people seek additional accommodation for elderly relatives or a home where they can age in place. If we install a tub at your property, you may find it easier to market.

At Artex Walk-in Tubs, we serve customers throughout Genoa, Arkansas. To discuss our services with us, call 903-733-2688.