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6 Reasons Why a Walk-In Tub with Jets Will Work better For You
August 12, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Artexwalkintubs

For most, as they grow older, mobility emerges as a barrier to many areas of effective living. One of the most vital is also one of the most personal and private.

Reduced mobility simply makes it more difficult to bathe. Many have found walk-in tubs with jets to serve as a solution to enhanced and healthier independent living that requires less assistance from others. 

What Is a Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub is an open chamber with a seat and a sealed door. You walk in, sit down, close the door behind you, and allow the tub to fill with water. Many also include a shower attachment if you prefer to sit and shower rather than take a full bath. A walk-in tub with jets also allows you to enjoy your bath as you would a hot tub, with massaging bursts of water.

Helps With Limited Mobility

Those with limited mobility may find it difficult to stand for long periods of time in a shower. Stepping in and out of a bathtub also presents significant challenges. A walk-in tub allows you to sit comfortably and safely while bathing. You can take as much time as you want or need without straining your back or other joints.

Less Likelihood of Dangerous Falls

Over a decade ago, the Centers for Disease Control performed a study which showed that in 2008, almost 22 million people suffered a bathroom injury. These injuries combined created over $67 billion in total health care costs at the time and going forward. 

The bathroom serves as the most dangerous room in the house for injuries. Showering and bathing likely are the biggest reason for that statistic. Reduced mobility means greater chance for injury, which provides a solid reason to get a walk-in tub.

Can Be Used for Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy need not be a clinical experience. You also don’t need to go to a gym to enjoy it. We all know how massaging jets can help to relieve sore muscles and other issues.

A walk-in tub with jets means that you can enjoy soothing hydrotherapy safely and comfortably in your own home. 

Promotes Independence

One of the challenges in elder care lies in keeping people safe and comfortable in their own homes for as long as possible. Almost every ageing person prefers to stay home and it costs less to allow them to stay there. A walk-in tub can help to keep an ageing person in their own home for years longer than they could otherwise. They enhance safety and allow a person to keep doing more for themselves.

Leads to Better Hygiene

As some individuals confront declining mobility, they may choose to avoid situations that have grown challenging. Not bathing due to mobility issues can lead to sharp declines in health through poor hygiene.

Regular baths form the first line of defense against illness and infections, especially in older people. Walk-in tubs promote better health by serving as an easier alternative for bathing.

Walk-In Tubs Are an Affordable Solutions

In most cases, Medicare will not cover the cost of a walk in tub because it does not fall under the “durable medical equipment category.” Since they will in some selected cases, it is worth checking out. Regardless, walk in tubs are surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider what they add to quality of life. 

Call today to learn more about how walk in tubs can help you or a loved one enjoy healthier and more independent living.