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Exploring the health benefits of walk-in tubs for the elderly
July 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Artexwalkintubs

Exploring the health benefits of walk-in tubs for the elderly

As we get older, our mobility needs change. For many elderly people, being able to navigate areas of their home such as the bathroom becomes a point of stress rather than relaxation. At Artexwalkintubs, we provide walk-in tubs for the elderly. Whether you want to install one at your property or you’re trying to help an elderly relative, we’re here to explore the health benefits that will make your efforts worthwhile.

Walk-in tubs for the elderly promote independence

Losing your independence is a frustrating experience. Many older people would like to remain in their homes, but often feel as though it isn’t logistically possible to do so.

Installing a walk-in tub is one way to change that. At Artexwalkintubs, our tubs open and close easily, making them comfortable to operate. Additionally, they feature stabilizing handles that allow the user to ease themselves in and out. For those who are afraid of falling, the anti-slip mats prove useful. They prevent the user from slipping and sliding when they enter the tub, giving them the chance to feel confident in their independence.

They’re excellent for stress reduction

When you think of some of the ways you can reduce stress while at home, your bath may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Despite this, they’re an excellent tool for stress reduction.

When you submerge yourself in a warm bath, you’re entering a place of peace and isolation. The sensation of warm water is comforting in itself, allowing you to relax after a challenging day. You may want to consider using a walk-in tub as part of your pre-bedtime relaxation routine. When your body heats up and needs to cool back down again, you expend energy and feel more like sleeping. The drop in temperature produces melatonin, and when you sleep better you naturally feel less stressed. If you routinely experience insomnia, adding a walk-in tub to your life could relieve some of the symptoms.

You may gain relief for aching joints

One of the most health complaints among older individuals is aching joints. Conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis result in joint pain, making it difficult for you to relax.

Many physicians now recommend tools such as hydrotherapy as a form of pain relief. Although our walk-in tubs for the elderly aren’t the same as a hydro pool, they do provide the same buoyancy that relieves pressure on your joints. By relieving that pressure, you’ll benefit from temporary pain relief that’ll allow you to relax and enjoy a state of comfort. In addition to the buoyancy proving effective, the warmth of the water encourages your blood vessels to open, which may also provide some relief.

You can relieve the symptoms of your cold

Although colds are rarely life-threatening, they do make you feel uncomfortable. Having a stuffy nose leaves you feeling as though you need to breathe through your mouth at night, giving you chapped lips in the morning as a result. Additionally, walking around with a blocked nose all day feels frustrating.

Rather than tolerating your blocked nose, you can submerge yourself in a steamy walk-in tub and wait for your sinuses to clear. The steam gently encourages your blood vessels to dilate, which in turn, makes mucus clearance easier. Although the effects are temporary, they’re comforting enough to last for a short while.

At Artexwalkintubs, our walk-in tubs for the elderly are here to transform your life. If you’d like to discuss our products with us or arrange for a fitting, call 903 733 2688.