Unpicking common myths about walk-in tubs

Are you on the verge of buying a walk-in tub, but something is holding you back? At Artex Walk-in Tubs, we're often stumbling across misperceptions that prevent our customers from making a purchase. In this post, we're going to unpick some of them so that you can add a new tub to your home.

Water will leak out of your door

Making the change from using a bathtub to owning a walk-in tub may feel a bit alien at first. One of the biggest misconceptions our customers have is that water may leak out of the door. We can understand why they think this. If you were to place a large amount of water next to any other door, a leak would almost certainly happen.

However, the doors on our walk-in tubs form a watertight seal. Additionally, they tend to close inwards, so there's no risk of water pressure making them come open.

They take a long time to fill

Whether you're retired or not, your time is precious to you. So it makes sense that you won't want to wait a long time for your tub to fill. Many of our customers believe that walk-in tubs are slow and so they're reluctant to add them to their home.

Providing you have good water pressure, your tub won't take long to fill at all. We may be able to provide approximate fill times if you visit us at our store. They vary between models, but you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Cleaning a walk-in tub is difficult

A lot of our walk-in tubs come with extra features. Because of this, our customers think they may be difficult to clean. Fortunately, they take no more effort than your usual bathtub.

You don't need to worry about using specialist cleaners either. Your everyday bathroom cleaner will work just as well as anything else. You can maintain your normal cleaning routine without any additional effort.

They're too expensive

Naturally, walk-in tubs cost more than everyday bathtubs. However, they can help you save money in other ways.

One of the main reasons our customers choose walk-in tubs is because they want to remain independent in their home. As their mobility requirements change, using an everyday bathtub becomes impossible for them. By installing a walk-in tub, you're making it easier to remain in your property. If this prevents you from having to spend money on a retirement home, you'll soon offset the expense of our tubs.

They take too long to drain

You can't open the door of your walk-in tub until it has drained fully. It's a safety mechanism that prevents you from slipping, plus it keeps your floor dry. That means you need to sit in the tub while you wait for it to drain.

Many of our customers worry that their tub will take too long to drain. In addition to eating into their time, they believe they may be cold as a result. Fortunately, our walk-in tubs come with fast drain technologies. This means they'll drain faster than your usual bathtub, so you can step out and into a cozy gown as soon as possible.

Where can I find a walk-in tub dealer near me?

If you're wondering "Where can I find a walk-in tub dealer near me?", we're here to help. Artex Walk-in Tubs serves the community of Genoa and surrounding areas. If you live in or close to Genoa, we can provide you with a quote. Our friendly installation team can fit your tub in record time too. To discuss your requirements with us, call 903 733 2688 or email pshelton4133@gmail.com.